Meet the Ambassadors

Pink Stork brand ambassador Shivani Ganpat smiling in a black shift in a cute cafe with flowers near her

Shivani Ganpat

Being a woman truly requires strength and courage but I wouldn't have it any other way. I love traveling & meeting women of all cultures from different walks of life, it's inspiring to hear each of their stories. Being surrounded by strong women is uplifting and therefore I am thankful to be a part of the PinkStork community.

Pink Stork brand ambassador Meghan Meredith smiling in grey tank top holding a bouquet of sunflowers on blue steps

Meghan Meredith

Meghan Meredith is a woman of faith, military wife, mama, and friend. Meghan is a Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, and Certified Group Exercise Instructor. She loves to share her expertise and passion for all things health, home, and hospitality at her lifestyle wellness brand, HomeBodySoul. She is also the creative author of Whole Body Fitness: A Self-Guided Fitness Planner. She currently resides in Atlanta, GA with her husband and 2-year old son.

Pink Stork brand ambassador Nikki Bockholdt smiling in a white shirt and jeans holding her daughter in a pink shirt and jeans on their front porch

Nikki Bockholdt

A blessed hot mess wife & mama with a young daughter and expecting a little boy. Yes 2 under 2! I love helping other young moms navigate the new identity of motherhood and realizing God has placed us right where we are supposed to be right now.

Pink Strk brand ambassador Paige Hughes in a pink top, denim skirt, smiling on the beach

Paige Hughes

I am passionate about women empowerment and self love! I believe that self love is the key to our mental, spiritual, and emotional health. Self love has the ability to empower you and to open up the world within you and around you.

Pink Stork brand ambassador Sarah Fisher smiling in orange sweater holding a yellow mug on her head

Sarah Fisher

From a young age anxiety and body image has consumed my athletic and professional careers. My goal is to show women how to have a healthy relationship with food and advocate for their mental health.

Pink Stork brand ambassador BreeAnna Foster smiling in a leaf patterned romper in Italy

BreeAnna Foster

I am incredibly excited to be a Pink Stork Ambassador because I want to help encourage and uplift other women. I believe that girl power is important and that we are stronger together!

Pink Stork brand ambassador Tyra Mckone smiling in white shirt with a peach cardigan on in  a field of flowers

Tyra McKone

My name is Tyra, and I am a mama to a precious, 5-year-old girl, and currently expecting another next summer! I am in my last year of graduate school to become a counselor. I love this role so much, but my favorite role is being a wife and mother. I'm so happy to be here with you!

Pink Stork brand ambassador Katarina Kerney in an orange top, jeans, and a tan hat in a field of flowers

Katarina Kerney

After having 3 miscarriages of my own, I want to help show women that they can continue to have hope after a loss. I am a strong believer in the power of prayer, and I am so happy to represent a company that prays for their customers. We can overcome all things with the power of prayer and faith in God.

Pink Stork brand ambassador Marki Williams smiling in a black top in front of a white wall

Marki Williams

With Him all things are possible - as I raise three young children, work and manage a chronic illness I believe and hold this fact dear to my heart. My mission is to provide fellowship, hope and support to other women balancing their own health along with the weight of the world on their shoulders.

Pink Stork brand ambassador Elisabeth Manetta in artistic lighting cast by her blinds in black camisole and fuzzy white sweater

Elisabeth Manetta

PMS is no stranger in my house. I hope to open the conversation about the monthly struggles that come with being a woman, as I personally experience migraines, mood swings, and depression.

Pink Stork Brand Ambassador Gwendolyn Ray laughing and smiling in front of faux grass wall

Gwendolyn Ray

My focus in women's health is infertility related to Thyroid disorders. I suffer from Hashimoto's thyroiditis, I was diagnosed at fourteen, and faced severely irregular cycles and PMS symptoms prior to treatment.

Pink Stork brand ambassador Callie McCleary smiling in black top with a pink blazer in front of white background

Callie McCleary

Working with Pink Stork has allowed me to pursue my passion toward empowering women everywhere! I am happy to be a part of a company that is so authentic in its mission to provide products and overall support to women.

Pink Stork brand ambassador Tiffany Alexander in a vertical striped shirt and sunglasses smiling by a lake with a train in the background

Tiffany Alexander

Praying my way through a chapter of a pituitary adenoma (benign brain tumor). Breathe darling, it’s not your whole story; I’m here to support you through your unicorn journey.

Pink Stork brand ambassador Alei Maxson smiling in a black shirt taking a selfie in her car

Alei Maxson

Some of the things I love are being a full-time mom, drinking coffee, being involved in my church community, going on adventures, spending time with people I love and traveling.

Pink Stork brand ambassador Thea Montagna smiling in a folded butterfly yoga stretch in a blue top and grey leggings

Thea Montagna

I'm passionate about having a strong community. To share experiences, empower women and to understand the ups and downs of life and that everything happens for a reason.

Pink Stork brand ambassador Gianna Repicky smiling in black shirt in front of cliff and ocean

Gianna Repicky

I am passionate about promoting body positivity and acceptance through all forms of social media. Young girls are taught to think that they should look just like models and as women, we need to show that all body types are accepted and loved.

Pink Stork Brand Ambassador Allie Sabo in green gingham dress smiling in front of plants

Allie Sabo

When I was 21 I was diagnosed with BRCA 1, the breast cancer mutation gene. At 27 I was diagnosed with PCOS. Knowledge is power. I want to support and lift up women going through similar diagnoses, so they can make the best decision for their health.

Pink Stork brand ambassador Makayla Timmons in leopard print dress smiling in front of pink wall

Makayla Timmons

I love connecting with people and sharing stories with other powerful women. My focus is mental health because we should stop the stigma and normalize mental health!

Pink Stork brand ambassador Kara Oberer smiling in a rolling stones classic top holding a sunflower in each hand in a field of sunflowers

Kara Oberer

Deciding to try and conceive after the stillbirth of our first child, Robbie, is the hardest decision I have ever had to make. I fought and will continue to fight this battle for myself and women that have encountered the same heartache. I know that I am not alone and neither are you. I am 1 in 4! I will be sharing our journey to our rainbow baby because I know somewhere somebody will need to hear that they are worthy and they can do this too!

Pink Stork brand ambassador Hanna Rieck smiling in a red and black flannel shirt in front of a white wall

Hanna Rieck

After experiencing an ectopic pregnancy and now unexplained infertility, I have become passionate about sharing my story. I believe that God has a plan for everyone and the best thing to do is trust him and stay positive.

Betsey Steimel

Hi, my name is Betsey, and I’m a 32-year-old Family Nurse Practitioner from St. Louis, MO. I’ve been married to my husband, Adam, for six years, and we are more than ready to start a family!

Pink Stork brand ambassador Hilary Litzinger in a chevron and bright blue top in front of pink and white balloons and a tinsel curtain

Hilary Litzinger

After having my second son I was diagnosed with Postpartum Depression and spent many months in therapy. By sharing my story I hope to help other women that may be suffering in silence. It is important to know that you are not alone and things will get better.

Pink Stork brand ambassador Mercedes Evans in a black and red dress with a black blazer on in front of a gold tinsel curtain

Mercedes Evans

I was 19 when my left ovary and fallopian tube died and needed to be surgically removed. Was told I only had a 15% chance to conceive. At 27 my husband and I conceived our daughter who was born in August 2020 via emergency c-section. Experienced postpartum depression. My focus is helping women on their postpartum journey.

Pink Stork brand ambassador Katie Herb in a pink floral print dress in front of her garden

Katie Herb

I am a military wife who is passionate about praying for the women in this unique community. I believe the power of prayer is unstoppable and that God is sovereign over all things.

Pink Stork brand ambassador Mandi Koski in black and white outfit smiling in front of white background

Mandi Koski

I'm passionate about women's health related to breast cancer and ovarian cancer, as I have felt impacts of both in my immediate family. Staying on top of your health and knowing your body should always be top priority, especially as a woman.

Pink Stork brand ambassador Abby Ostrander in blue shirt, white pants, and smilin in front of fence and trees

Abby Ostrander

After seeing how breast cancer has affected those closest to me, I have become extremely passionate about making sure those women I love are taking care of their health, physically and mentally.

Pink Stork brand ambassador Maren Meitzer smiling in black dress with white polka dots in front of palm trees

Maren Meitzer

Growing up I struggled with body image issues, so having a strong community of women around me has always been extremely important in developing my confidence!

Kelsey Green

I am Kelsey! I live in Rhode Island with my husband and our miracle, beautiful 1 year old daughter! I am a social worker by day and a wife and mom 24/7!

Pink Stork brand ambassador Brooke Steele smiling in a leopard print shirt taking a selfie in her car

Brooke Steele

I am a stay at home wife, and an HG mom. Pregnancy, prayer, and motherhood, are my favorite topics of discussion!

Pink Stork brand ambassador Margo Manning smiling in black graphic t-shirt and jeans sitting on pink couch holding pink pillow in front of decorated pink wall

Margo Manning

Hi! My focus is infertility. Mostly because most women go through this struggle alone and I want them to know that they don’t have to, that they have someone to talk, vent, yell, or cry with if needed.

Pink Stork brand ambassador Kelly Fowble in white shirt and bucket hat holding her young daughter in front of glass paned wooden door

Kelly Fowble

Unplanned pregnancy changed my life. It wasn't until after a very difficult postpartum phase that I realized it was for the better! I have a deep passion for all things motherhood, and I would love to connect with more moms out there to share our experiences and to cheer each other on.

Pink Stork brand ambassador Breanna Eaton smiling in pink shirt

Breanna Eaton

After experiencing my first miscarriage, I learned the power of sharing my story and building connections with women who also experienced loss. Now, as a proud mom to a young girl, it's my goal to have her surrounded by a community of strong women empower one another.

Pink Stork brand ambassador Kourtni Gandee smiling in a tan longsleeve holding her daughter in a denim shirt and white cardigan outside

Kourtni Gandee

I am passionate about women’s health as our bodies sustain our life and the lives of little ones. As a mother, I am passionate about ensuring women are healthy and aware of their own bodies so that we can pour our love and light into the next generation!

Pink Stork brand ambassador Gabriella Garcia smiling wearing a black sweatshirt, black pants, and baseball hat sitting on wall in front of skyline and riverfront

Gabriella Garcia

I’m struggling with infertility issues. Having my own big family is all I’ve wanted for as long as I could remember. Pink Stork showed me that I’m never alone in this journey and now my passion is to help other women going through the same struggle. Mental health is also very important to me as I suffer from anxiety and depression. We’re in this together!

Pink Stork brand ambassador Jennifer Coulibaly smiling in a tie-dye shirt holding her child in a matching tie-dye shirt

Jennifer Coulibaly

I was diagnosed with PCOS and hypothyroid at the age of 18. I am currently walking through secondary infertility but remain hopeful through it all and hold steadfast to my God who is bigger than any disease, condition, or obstacle that I may face. I am passionate about God, love working with other women, and find encouragement through connecting with other women experiencing similar challenges.

Pink Stork brand ambassador Stefani Nelson smiling in grey t-shirt in her home

Stefani Nelson

As a mama of 3 little ones, I have a passion for all things motherhood, and I love connecting with like-minded women. We are on a new homeschool adventure this year, and we are embracing the chaos, and the unknown that comes along with it. I believe in the power of prayer, and would love to help other women find support.

Brook Morton

I'm a mother of one baby boy, I have a passion for people, laughter, and growing in the call of “walking in love”.  I enjoy leading our youth group alongside my husband and am growing in the blessing of knowing and clinging to God’s promises.

Cassie Florance

I lost my daughter Maisie when I was 18 weeks pregnant back in June and have been struggling with infertility and PCOS since losing her. Women's health is important to me and my research about Pink Stork makes me excited to see how it could help me!

Cassie Foster

I’m a home grown California girl with strong family values, faith, and love for everyone. I’m happily married to my wife of 6 years and have a spunky toddler who keeps us on our toes. So grateful for Pink Stork products and the benefits they’ve given me with my infertility issues; you have to try these products for yourself!

Pink Stork brand ambassador Ana Garcia sitting in a yellow chair smiling in black and white stripe shirt in front of white background

Ana Garcia

I’m an advocate for women’s rights and bodily autonomy. It’s important that we become experts of our own bodies so we can lead longer, healthier, and more enjoyable lives for ourselves and loved ones.

Pink Stork brand ambassador Alexis Peeples smiling in denim shirt in front of plants

Alexis Peeples

Something I'm really passionate about as a woman is equality and community. I would love for women to see each other as equals and not competition, be able to build one another not tear each other down.

Pink Stork brand ambassador Iliana Valle smiling with arms up in striped shirt, black legging, with a hiking backpack on in front of mountainside

Iliana Valle

As someone who suffers from ovarian cysts, my monthly cycle can be difficult. I am passionate about finding new remedies to help ease my cycle while also sharing my story and hearing others who may have a similar experience!

Pink Stork brand ambassador Jessica Griffin smiling in her wedding dress in front of a plank wall

Jessica Griffin

I desire to live a life that reflects the glory & love of God, and joyfully share the testimony He has given me as an anorexia survivor and PCOS warrior. I am passionate about serving other women through walking alongside life together.

Pink Stork brand ambassador Megan Meisner smiling in purple tank top with dumbbell necklace on in front of white background

Megan Meisner

I recently became a first time mom, after going through 4 miscarriages over a 3 year period. My goal is to provide hope to others by sharing my experiences and providing resources that will help those struggling with infertility and loss.

Bailey Broadwater

I am a new mama, wanting to uplift other women and mothers. Supporting each other truly reflects the love of Jesus in our own hearts, and I am so excited to share that love!

Pink Stork Brand Ambassador Jaren Melvin in black shift in front of white wall

Jaren Melvin

After giving birth to my second daughter, I experienced a life threatening postpartum hemorrhage. I am so grateful for life, for God watching over me and placing all the right people in my life at the right time.

Pink Stork brand ambassador Rachel Maul in blue floral top smiling

Rachel Maul

I’m passionate about body positivity and feeling comfortable in your own skin. I believe that it’s important to feel confident in who we are inside and out and reflecting that positivity on others around us to create an uplifting mindset on body image.

Pink Stork brand ambassador Lauren Lannan in black and white stiped shirt smiling in front of white wall

Lauren Lannan

Women's spaces like Pink Stork create an environment for all women to connect and grow with and for each other. Representation, belief, and great care can bring a community of women together, despite and because of their differences.

Pink Stork brand ambassador Melinda Dickinson smiling with her husband and holding her baby in a front carrier with mountains in the background

Melinda Dickinson

I believe God will use my story to help others. He has shown me grace beyond measure & my passion to share His story of how He saved me and never left.

Pink Stork brand ambassador Jana Maynard smiling in a blue top and a grey floral patterned cardigan in her home

Jana Maynard

I’m Jana, a Florida native, and a military spouse who fully believes in kindness and spreading love to people in all walks of life. Trying to conceive was very difficult with both of my children, but thanks to Pink Stork, we are expecting our second child in March and I can’t thank God enough for bringing this company and these products into my life.

Pink Stork brand ambassador Jaslyn Cespedes smiling while sitting on steps in her home wearing a black top and ripped denim jeans

Jaslyn Cespedes

My name is Jaslyn, and I am located in Miami, FL. Married to the love of my life and a mommy of 2 beautiful girls, Jaylin (6 years old) & Jolene (1 year old). I wish to continue spreading Pink Storks' message, and hope to empower and support other woman the same way Pink Stork has done for me!