Loss & Grief

September 16, 2020:

The Bible tells us that when you experience loss, the first thing to do is release your grief.

Tragic situations produce emotions such as depression, anger, fear, and worry. These feelings are uncomfortable and even scary, and often we don’t know how to handle them. After experiencing an enormous loss, these feelings dwell within us. If we don’t bring them to the surface and deal with them now, it will take us much longer to recover from them. 

Many of us never deal directly with grief in life. We push it away or act like it’s not there. 

In Matthew 5:4, he says, God blesses those who mourn, for they will be comforted.It’s okay to grieve. God teaches us to grieve because we are going to miss someone, but that we can also be at peace because we know they are with Him now.

Encouraging moment of the day: Write down something you feel lost about or a situation you are grieving over. Place your note in a location where you will see it often throughout the day. Each time you see it, say a prayer for the situation and ask God for encouragement and strength. 

September 15, 2020:

“You will grieve, but your grief will turn to joy.”—John 16:20

During grief it is difficult to find reasons to feel happy again. Grief is natural, and deserves to be felt, but we can’t let it consume us forever. When we are separated from a loved one, on this planet or if they have transitioned into the next with our Lord, we grieve over the loss of shared experiences and life, but in that grief we can find joy in that we are not separated forever and will see each other once again. We can grieve the loss of a loved one but can retain the joyous fact that we will see them again when we are reunited in heaven. When we are reminded of our loss and feel that grief again we can remain steady in that we are not without them forever and that our Lord in heaven is caring for them when we cannot.

Encouraging moment of the day: Think of someone you have lost, but allow yourself to be happy for their spirit is protected by God now. Pray for our Heavenly Father to care for and nurture them until we may be reunited again.

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