Acts of Service




Faithfully Female is dedicating our first project to helping those who are struggling with various fertility-related issues. With the current COVID-19 regulations related to social distancing, couples who are seeking out IVF treatment or fertility support are struggling now more than ever due to the lack of resources that are available. In honor of Infertility Awareness Week, we feel that it’s important to pair women with the resources they need to feel both educated and empowered when it comes to taking control of their own reproductive health. 

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The Faithfully Female board members have decided to select a few individuals to participate in our program, where we will be offering a FREE, informative session with a specialist, in addition to more resources to help support them on their fertility journey. We want to use this project as a way to give women a space to talk openly and ask questions related to infertility, in order to support them in uncertain times by providing them with hope for the future.