Liquid Gold, All Day!

2018-02-14 17:37:03

Your newborn baby is crying because they are hungry. You’re crying because you’re
trying to feed your baby, but your milk supply is gone. There’s nothing left but maybe a few
drops and definitely not enough to nourish your growing baby. It’s frustrating, exhausting, and
defeating. You know breastfeeding is a great source of nutrients for your baby, but what if it
doesn’t work? You don’t want to easily give up on the experience to bond with your baby, but
you also don’t want them to be hungry. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could take a 15 minute break
while at the same time drink a cup of tea that will help you create more liquid gold?

Fortunately, our Liquid Gold tea provides mothers with some of the best milk-producing
herbs that have bene used for generations. Women have been supplementing their diets with
herbs including fenugreek and blessed thistle, improving their milk production with just a few
doses. While there are limited studies out there providing us with more information on the
efficacy and safety of these magical herbs, we aren’t letting lack of “appropriate” scientific data
prevent our mama’s from getting the miracle from nature that they deserve.

Fenugreek has been the biggest buzz word when it comes to increasing breast milk
supply and studies have seen it’s benefits. However, blessed thistle is making a debut in a big
way. It not only holds the power to increase your liquid gold supply, it also helps with many
other health issues including stomach upset, colds, poor appetite and other GI issues. Just one
cup of our Liquid Gold tea will give your milk supply the boost it needs to get flowing again.
We’ve also packed our organic tea with other herbs for flavor including anise, spearmint and
licorice. This combination leaves you with a refreshing taste and a calm mental state. We
always encourage you to discuss herbal support with your lactation consultant or physician prior
to starting any new supplements. We know many mamas for many, many years have been
using these herbs to give their babies all the breastmilk they need to grow into healthy beings
on this earth and we are so proud to be part of growing this option as a tea. Pinkies up!


This blog was written in collaboration with Laura Vorozilchak, PharmD. She is a certified Pharmacist who has a passion for writing. Her insights to this product are not only helpful, but reliable. Thank you Laura!


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