Gender Selection: Are you alkaline or acidic?

2015-01-17 11:03:02

Wondering how to pick the sex of your child? Have you ever heard about the importance of raising/lowering the pH of your body? Most importantly, does it work? Read on!

Conception basics:
To start, the father determines the sex of the child. Males provide sperm – some 40 million to 1.2 billion per ejaculation! Each sperm produced by the father carries an “X” or “Y” chromosome. If “X” sperm makes it to the egg, the baby will be female. Vice versa, a “Y” sperm results in a male. Contrary to a few myths out there, fathers have no way to segregate the “X” sperm from the “Y” sperm in the testicles. They are produced in near equal amounts per ejaculation.[1] Mothers, meanwhile, can only provide an X chromosome – as such, they have no influence over gender.


Females are “XX,” males are “XY”

Already, however, the probability of birth in the United States is 51% male and 49% female. Worldwide, for every 207 births, 107 are boys and 100 are girls. All things the same, women have a slightly higher chance to deliver a boy.

Argument of body pH affecting gender of child:
The argument of body pH is founded on one underlying theory: an alkaline pH in the female body favors “boy” sperm (sperm carrying the Y chromosome) while an acidic pH in the female body favors “girl” sperm (sperm carrying the X chromosome). Based on a female’s composition, higher acidity kills off the weaker boy sperm, allowing girl sperm to reach the egg, while higher alkalinity gives boys a greater chance of survival and thus greater chance to fertilize the female egg.

So, logic follows that making your body (as a female) more alkaline or acidic could help achieve the desired gender.

How can you make your body more alkaline (if you are trying to have a boy)

  1. Eat green vegetables
  2. Consume a probiotic
  3. Use sea salt
  4. Drink healthy teas

Eating a diet high in potassium and sodium helps alkalinity, which is desired if you are trying to conceive a boy.

How can you make your body more acidic? (girl)

  1. Cut out alcohol, dairy, and coffee
  2. Lose the artificial sweeteners (except stevia – it’s alkaline)
  3. Avoid sweet fruits
  4. Stay away from processed carbohydrates

Eating a diet high in calcium, magnesium, and highly acidic foods lends itself to having girls.

For more information, refer to the wonderful chart below, courtesy of


hsAcid-AlkalineFoods_1024x1024What can Dads do? The father should take note of excess heating around the genitals such as tight-fitting underwear, hot tubs, or even riding a motorcycle! Heat destroys male sperm faster than female sperm so this is an important consideration in helping gender choice.


High sources of heat around male testicles decrease male sperm count.

But does it work? Does pH really affect the sex of the baby?
While plenty of women claim that monitoring and modifying their body’s pH has resulted in their desired pH, no definitive scientific study gives the claim any credence. Since the probability of girl vs. boy is relatively even (49% to 51% in the United States) any study with results in the ballpark of these numbers is generally dismissed. Furthermore, changing your body’s pH level can sometimes result in damaged fertility or vaginal issues, such as urinary tract infections – something you definitely want to avoid.

 Overall, there isn’t much evidence to back the claim that vaginal pH affects the gender of the child.


 Gender selection. Which way can you go?

Studies have shown; however, that an increased amount of sodium and potassium favor the births of males, while relative excess of calcium and magnesium favor the birth of females.[2]

While this is related to pH on a small scale, it’s much more focused in scope (four minerals vice an entire group of foods and numerous methods to raise and lower pH). One study assessed a diet of low in sodium and high in calcium for women in favor of having females. Of note, the study also prescribed timing for intercourse in relation to ovulation. Out of the 21 women who met the criteria, 16 gave birth to a daughter.[3] These studies support the importance of potassium, sodium, calcium, and magnesium in relation to gender result.

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