Breastmilk is more than JUST nutrition!

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In case you didn’t know, August is Breastfeeding Awareness Month! And we know that breastfeeding is how we feed babies, but did you know that there are other ways breastmilk can benefit your baby?

*We understand that medicine is powerful! And we are not saying that you should steer clear of it, but we wanted to bring awareness to the powerful medicinal effects that is in your breastmilk. But, you do what is best for you & your baby!

Babies are constantly growing & changing which means their little bodies immune systems are on overdrive; which is why it is so easy for them to catch a cold, spike a fever, or develop a rash. They are also learning to crawl, walk, & run … all which can lead to the occasional cut & scratch. And among other things they have teeth coming in - Oh the lovely phase of teething! Did you know your breastmilk can help with these common, everyday occurrences in your baby’s life? Plus, it is conveniently available all the time! No matter where you are or what you may be doing … it is always there! Oh, and it is FREE! You won’t have to run to the store in the middle of the night to spend $7 on medication, because your milk is there & costs you nothing! (Which means you have more money for coffee, mama!)

Breastmilk isn’t just food, it is medicine. It can help soothe pain from ear infections as well as relieve the sting of a cut or scrape. Just let a few drops trickle into your baby’s ear or onto their cut, and allow the healing process to begin.

If your little one is sick with congestion, a runny nose, or diarrhea, your breastmilk contains natural antibiotics that help break up mucus, clear congestion, and calm an upset tummy.

Breastmilk can also be used to relieve the itching that comes with chickenpox, measles, eczema, or any other skin problems that may arise. Just rub a little bit on the affected area for your baby to experience relief - it even works on bug bites!

And lastly, like we mentioned above, teething … it is painful, for both baby & mama! So, a little tip, you know those mesh or silicone teething devices? You can freeze your milk in ice cube trays and simply pop a cube in one of those devices & you’ve got yourself a soothing (and yummy!) teether for baby!

There are so many other great uses for breastmilk, we simply cannot fit them all in this post. And we want to hear from you! In the comments, tell us ways you have used your breastmilk in your day to day life.

Have a great week!

The Pink Stork Team