Why Postpartum Reset?

Why Postpartum Reset?

When I gave birth to Victoria, my third, I had John Hamilton and America at home by myself. My husband Thomas was deployed at the time. So not only did I have three kids for the first time in my life, but I was alone. And of course, Victoria’s delivery was the hardest delivery I had yet. I don’t know why because she was the smallest out of the three of them, but it was really rough. It took a lot out of my body. After I felt really depleted and exhausted. I need that extra oomph to get me through those first few weeks.

Postpartum can be such an exciting, but also such a challenging time! You have a new baby, a rush of hormones going in and out of your body, and you’re also doing things you’ve never done in life before. You’re changing diapers, nursing, and trying to manage a whole new person. It can be even harder at times when you have so many other people that are also relying on you. I wanted to be this amazing mom and I knew that in order to do that I needed to rest.

My thought behind Postpartum Reset was based on all of these experiences. There is no other time like postpartum. You’ll never need the same vitamins and minerals that you do right after having a baby. That’s why we took the hassle of finding the right mix of vitamins that your body needs and made a one-stop buy for complete postpartum care!

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