The Perks of Prenatal

The Perks of Prenatal

We’ve heard it before, a prenatal is good for you before, during, and after your pregnancy. Prenatals give our babies that extra bit of vitamins that may be missed through just food alone. We say “I’m eating for two!” so why not a vitamin for two as well? That’s right, prenatals are good for baby and Mama alike.

Let’s break it down: calcium, folic acid, iron, zinc, and vitamins C and E are all crucial when it comes to the perfect prenatal. Luckily our Total Prenatal has them all. So what exactly do they do? We are breaking down each essential vitamin below.  

Calcium provides your baby with the ability to develop strong bones and teeth. It also helps Mom’s nails grow longer and helps reduce hypertension.

Another big part of a prenatal is folic acid. Folic acid helps baby’s brain and spine development and helps reduce Mom’s risk of delivering early. Studies have shown that taking Folic acid can reduce early delivery by 50% or more.

Iron, which is included in most prenatal vitamins, helps move oxygen from your bloodstream to your baby’s lungs while you are pregnant. It also aids in reducing the risk of anemia in postpartum mothers and babies.

When you’re eating for two the taste and quality of the food you eat is important. Zinc is there to help regulate taste and smell. Along with helping protect your immune system and healing small wounds (like scrapes), baby also gets a little bonus. Zinc helps form functioning DNA and promotes healthy cell growth.

Finally, vitamins E and C are working to keep Mom’s blood pressure low, so that way she can stay relaxed.

The above are essential in any good prenatal, however, We took your everyday prenatal one step further by including DHA. DHA is an omega-3 fatty acid, which helps develop your baby's eyes and brain. So, how does it help, you, the mother? It makes your heartbeat stronger, strengthens your immune system and helps reduce inflammation. And remember when we said a prenatal was good for before and during pregnancy? Well with added DHA this supplement is perfect for postpartum, too. Giving your body all the goodness it needs to recover and still have the energy you need. With our Total Prenatal there’s no need to worry, Mama, we’ve totally got you covered.

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