Questioning Fertility? We've got Answers

Questioning Fertility? We've got Answers

We know you have questions . If your thinking of taking a fertility product you probably want someone to answer those big questions about our Fertility Tea. Here are some of our frequently asked questions, as always we recommend talking with your healthcare provider as they will be able to better advise your personal situation!


  1. Should Fertility Tea be taken throughout the entire cycle or just until ovulation?

We typically recommend consuming our Fertility products throughout your entire cycle or until a positive pregnancy test has occurred. During your cycle there is a window of ovulation which is your most fertile period, but we suggest taking it through your whole cycle!


  1. Can I take Fertility Tea and Fertility at the same time?

We do have many women that consume both our Fertility Tea and Fertility supplement at the same time with no issue! They’re both created to support your natural fertility so it’s dependent on you and your body.


  1. Can I continue drinking Fertility Tea after pregnancy has occurred?

We do have women that continue drinking our Fertility Tea throughout their first trimester with no issue. We do recommend stopping after a positive pregnancy test usually, and then trying again later.


Get out your pen, calendar, and some Fertility Tea and start tracking, Mama!

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