Pink Stork Hero: Meet PJ and Hollie!

Pink Stork Hero: Meet PJ and Hollie!

Team Baby Hep has been a long time in the making! For Hollie, this journey began at 16 years old when she was told she was born without a uterus due to a syndrome called MRKH. Hollie Jo currently serves as the Discipleship Pastor at a church in Lakeland, Florida. Hollie was born and raised in the Seattle, Washington area until she moved to Lakeland to join the staff at Southeastern University. She was a pastor in Miami for two years until she moved back to Lakeland. Hollie has a passion to see people experience the love of Jesus, and find calling and community through the local church. Hollie loves spending time with her husband, Joe, and their two dogs, Bruno and Bastian. She enjoys taking fitness classes, laughing with friends, and watching the latest dramatic TV series.

For PJ, this journey started when her brother, Joe, became engaged to Hollie and he told her Hollie was born without a uterus. Her initial thought was “well I could always carry for them one day”. That was the extent of it for a while. Eventually, PJ felt called to offer to carry a child for Joe and Hollie. PJ grew up in Plantation, Florida and currently lives in Gainesville, FL with her husband, Clay, and daughters, Lynnlee (3yo) and Audree (1yo). She has a Bachelors's in Health Science from the University of Florida and graduated from nursing school at Santa Fe College. She is currently an ER nurse. PJ believes Jesus has given her a heart for encouraging & serving people in their time of need, health & safety education, and all things motherhood. She loves family time, being outdoors, researching a wide variety of topics, and capturing memories of her girls on camera.

“We decided in the beginning that we were going to celebrate everything! When you celebrate every miracle and learn from every obstacle, it makes the journey so much sweeter. One of the best parts of this journey has been getting to share and experience it with so many people. We hope to continue to raise awareness and encourage others who are fighting infertility, as well as those who feel called to be a gestational surrogate. We love Pink Stork! They have gone out of their way to encourage and support us as we journey through IVF / gestational surrogacy. Our favorite products are currently the calm tea, morning sickness tea, and bath salts! ”

– PJ Willis and Hollie Hepler

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