Improve Your Fertility

Improve Your Fertility

It’s Tea Time!

When you’re trying to conceive, it has the ability to take over your life. As women, when the desire to have a baby hits, we are immediately ready and don't want to wait one minute longer to start trying. Being a woman is hard with so many responsibilities in this life! Not to mention, adding stress to the process of conception often creates obstacles in making that baby. With so many tips on how to help with conception (from what to eat, how to sleep, what not to drink ... the list goes on ...) we are often left wondering what really works and grasping for something that is simple, natural and helpful. This is where Pink Stork Fertility Tea comes in. This tea was created with the ability to help improve your fertility, aid in balancing your hormones, and regulate your menstrual cycles.

Pink Stork’s Fertility Tea has combined 7 powerful fertility approved herbs that are not only organic and non-GMO, but have been scientifically studied and proven to assist women during the conception process. One of our herbs included is chasteberry, which balances progesterone and estrogen levels and helps stimulate the hormones involved during ovulation. According to a study performed by the Stanford University of Medicine1, chasteberry showed to be a well-tolerated supplement that could be an attractive option for the optimization of reproductive health. And according to another study on chasteberry, it was found to significantly reduce the number of PMS symptoms including depression, anxiety, and cravings.#winning

Two other herbs included are ladies mantle, which can help regulate a woman’s monthly cycle, and nettle leaf, which contains a variety of vitamins and minerals that promote human growth and health. We also included the herb red raspberry leaf, which has been long demonstrated by many studies and sources to tone the uterus and promote overall uterine health. We’ve also included a favorite, passion flower, to decrease anxiety and insomnia, (both symptoms that we are plagued with when trying to conceive).

Our Fertility Tea is finished off with some peppermint and stevia for added taste and sweetness, giving the flavors of love and kindness to you and your body. Our tea is prepared with big chunks of herbs in biodegradable sachets so the medicinal effects of each ingredient is fully absorbed. Brewed hot or cold, it’s a satisfying cup of tea to boost your reproductive system. So, while you are enjoying our tea, you can allow yourself to savor a cup of natural health and fertility.


Amy Upchurch & The Pink Stork Team


This blog was written in collaboration with Laura Vorozilchak, PharmD. She is a certified Pharmacist who has a passion for writing. Her insights to this product are not only helpful, but reliable. Thank you Laura!



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