How to Turn a Breech Baby

How to Turn a Breech Baby

As I mentioned in my 8-month bump-date, my little one was breech at 34 weeks. This is the first of my five babies to ever breech! It has been quite the experience, so I wanted to share it with you and let you know what worked for me!

The first place I turned was to I found this site super helpful! It had great tips for how to turn a baby at home as well as a lot of information about fetal positioning. I tried my best to do this on my own, but it wasn’t successful.

So, I headed to a chiropractor. They focused on aligning my back to release pressure and minimize labor pain. One technique they typically use for women in my situation is called the Webster Breech Technique. This technique reduces stress on the pelvis which relaxes the uterus and encourages the baby to turn naturally. According to the research I found online this technique has an 82% success rate. This worked … at first! Baby turned and was in a good position but then turned back to a breech position.

At this point, I decided to visit an acupuncturist who burned moxibustion sticks near my pinky toes. It sounds odd … but I was quickly convinced! Burning the stick stimulates heat receptors, which encourages hormone release. The hormones, placental estrogen, and prostaglandins lead to uterine contractions which encourage the baby to move! Five days after the initial acupuncture, baby was back in a proper position!

Since then I have been sleeping with a heating pad on my lower stomach to keep him or her (because we aren’t finding out!) in the right position. They say this will help since babies tend to gravitate toward warmth! I also had the pleasure of attending a wedding last weekend with an amazing playlist that included lots of super fun Latin American music! I loved being able to dance and move my hips and still have fun at 37 weeks pregnant! But, I truly think that encouraged my little one to stay in the right position!

I learned so much walking through this experience. If your baby is breech, I encourage you to try some of these techniques. You never know what will work for you and your little one. Besides, who doesn’t love to dance?!

If you have personal experience with another way to turn a breech baby, comment below! We would love to hear from you!

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