Healthy Mama, Healthy Baby

Healthy Mama, Healthy Baby

Happy New Year!

The holidays have flown by for us busy mama’s and 2018 is officially here! We are excited to be a part of your health resolutions this year - whether you are trying to become a mother, a mama-to-be, or a new mom in the new year.  A new year is the perfect time to check in with our bodies and minds to make sure we are giving ourselves and our babies the best care and love possible!  Actively taking part in your wellness journey during pregnancy is an essential part of keeping yourself and your baby happy and healthy.  With our Pink Stork products, we want to provide women with natural and effective solutions to incorporate into their health routines.  So no matter what stage you are as a mama, keep reading to see where you can incorporate Pink Stork into your 2018 and beyond!

Pink Stork Fertility Tea:

When you’re trying to conceive, it has the ability to take over your life. This is where Pink Stork Fertility Tea comes in. This tea was created with the ability to help improve your fertility, aid in balancing your hormones, and regulate your menstrual cycles.  Pink Stork’s Fertility Tea has combined 7 powerful fertility approved herbs that are not only organic and non-GMO, but have been scientifically studied and proven to assist women during the conception process. One of our herbs included is chasteberry, which balances progesterone and estrogen levels and helps stimulate the hormones involved during ovulation. According to a study performed by the Stanford University of Medicine1, chasteberry showed to be a well-tolerated supplement that could be an attractive option for the optimization of reproductive health. And according to another study on chasteberry, it was found to significantly reduce the number of PMS symptoms including depression, anxiety, and cravings.2  Let us help you get ready for that baby!

Pink Stork Mist:

Nausea and vomiting are common symptoms so many of us mamas experience in our first trimester (or sometimes all).  It can be debilitating, taking us away from our daily life activities and making it difficult to function when you are first starting to grow that little babe.  One of the main causes of morning sickness has been found to be a decrease in magnesium.  However, our morning sickness spray, containing magnesium from the Dead Sea in Israel, quickly absorbs into your skin, giving you fast relief of lingering nausea.  Studies have shown that magnesium supplementation during pregnancy likely decreases the occurrence of many complications during pregnancy.3 If you are experiencing nausea or vomiting, make sure to let your physician know how you are feeling so they can be a part of your treatment plan as well. 

True Milk:

When you are a breastfeeding mama, you are part of a wonderful bonding experience with your baby.  During the journey of breastfeeding, it can be a struggle to provide enough milk for your growing babe.  In our Pink Stork True Milk, our key ingredient, organic and non-gmo herb fenugreek, has been used for centuries to increase milk production for breastfeeding.  A key component of fenugreek, diosgenin, is linked to the increase milk flow.  Fenugreek has been shown to be effective in enhancing women’s breastfeeding adequacy.4  (Same can be said of our Pink Stork Liquid GoldAnd of course, we always recommend consulting with your physician or lactation consultant before beginning any supplement.  Cheers babies!




This blog was written in collaboration with Laura Vorozilchak, PharmD. She is a certified Pharmacist who has a passion for writing. Her insights to this product are not only helpful, but reliable. Thank you Laura!




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