Body After Baby

Body After Baby

Pregnancy changes you, whether that means it makes you better at multitasking or a better, healthier, Mama it’s all so exciting! And yes, we realize after a few weeks postpartum you may be thinking, “why am I not the way I was before?” But that’s okay! Let’s talk about the new ways your body is better than before.

Hips: While this may seem like some women’s worst nightmare, it’s crucial for you to be able to give your body enough fat to feed your baby. Most lactation supporting fats come from your hips, which is why after you have your baby your hips may be a bit wider than before. Know, however, that is all in the pursuit of feeding your little one.

Breasts: They will grow in the beginning and shrink in the end. Your breasts may never be the same way they were before. When your body first started changing to house your new little one your glandular tissue began to grow in order for you to breastfeed. So, once that tissue shrinks again you’ll still have extra skin from when it grew. There are tricks, however, to help your engorged milk makers go a {bit} back to normal. Ice packs, Ibuprofen, and even a cabbage leaf have all been shown to ease the pain hormones create,

Weight: Many women actually don’t gain a ton of weight during pregnancy. On average most claim to have gained an extra 3 pounds that could truly be attributed to pregnancy. If you are feeling like you can’t lose that baby weight, Parents recommends a mixture of situps, abdominal exercises, and yoga.

Whatever your concern may be when it comes to your body after baby, we’re here to help. Pink Stork's Recovery Tea will help you get back some of those vitamins and minerals that were lost during pregnancy and increase your energy level. While you’re busy with a new baby and rocking your new-mom bod, let us give you what you need to take on life’s changes.

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