hello! I just received the fertility tea and the men's/women's fertility pills today and took my first dose. Our daughter will be 5 tomorrow and we tried for nearly 3 years before we fell pregnant with her. We decided to add another to our family and started trying in January. I was afraid it was going to be a long process again, so I did some research and found your company. I see great reviews and I am hopeful that we will fall pregnant soon! My cycles were not regular at all while trying for our daughter, but thankfully my cycles are averaging at around 35 days this time around. We could use all of the thoughts and prayers that this works in our favor! Thank you :-)

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  • Winsome

    I have been trying the fertility tea for two months. I have pcos and had a miscarriage in January. Since then I didn’t get my period back and I was starting to get worried. I usually go long periods without seeing it but always need to take medication to trigger it again. When I tried the tea, within a week my period came slowly but surely. I am so excited to see where this journey will take me and I am grateful for the warm hands on approach from the customer service. I feel less alone and like I have a team and a new family working with me to make my dream of becoming a mom come true! Thank you pink stork

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