As I was sitting in my bed struggling from another month of no ovulation/infertility, I came across your website and saw the gathering of people submitting prayer requests and how you allow us all to do so. My husband and I unexpectedly got pregnant with our first after 2 years of trying. There’s still not explanation other than God as to how it happened. My condition has gotten worse, and I am in need of surgery. However, once I have this surgery I cannot have anymore children, so my doctor gave me the go ahead to try to have the second and last baby we desire. We are already almost a year in and the pain is getting unbearable to where we feel we may not try anymore and go ahead with the surgery. I want a second baby so bad. I want to give my little boy that companion and give my husband that second child he wants as well. It is so very hard. We ask for your prayers and appreciate the offering up of requests. Thank you all and God bless you.