Hi, I currently have two kids of my own and I recently got married. We've been trying for two years now to get pregnant but we just can’t. I’ve prayed and asked god if he can help us bring another blessing into this world but sometimes I feel like he doesn’t hear me out or maybe I’m just doing something wrong. I have irregular periods and a thyroid disorder. I am on medication for my thyroid to help with my hormones. My doctor did say once I get my body better and I’m on track then I would be able to get pregnant but I just feel like I can’t get pregnant. It’s gotten bad to the point that I’m depressed and feel like I can't be worthless (I know it’s bad to think that) but if I can please just have someone pray for me and my family. I’ve been trying to get closer to God as well, praying and thanking him for everything he’s given my family and I. I know everything comes within time and I should be patient but if I can have more people pray for me...... I would appreciate it with all my heart!