Me and my fiancé have been wanting to have our first baby for months since last year. We’ve tried everything to supplement, ttc methods, and hoping that it’ll be our moment but every time I thought I was pregnant, my period came instead. I’m not the jealous type but whenever I see other women pregnant, it makes me jealous that I’m not pregnant yet and we’ve been wanting one since we got engaged. We’re hoping to conceive before the end of the year but no luck yet. We stress and we argue about our difficulties ttc. I just really want to be the first daughter in my family to actually have a child...I know I’m still a young adult but me and my fiancé are ready for a baby. Just thinking about it makes me cry because we try so hard to work together and nothing happens. So please pray for us and give us strength we need to have our first miracle together. And then I actually came across Pink Stork to see if they’ll hopefully help me and my fiancé ttc.