I am 24 years old & blessed with a healthy 6 year old little boy. I was diagnosed with endometriosis when i was 14 years old and was told i would not be able to get pregnant naturally. I am now on a brand new journey to conceive a healthy baby #2 or twins. I started TTC in September 2020, & am currently in my TWW. Please pray for me & my partner that we can conceive a healthy baby or healthy babies, I wholeheartedly hope and pray to my lord for twins/multiples. I know chances of conceiving twins naturally are low but with the grace of god and faith anything can happen in his hands. Please pray that I conceive a healthy baby, if not twins, I am praying for a healthy baby girl, whichever god sees my heart yearn for the MOST. Let Jesus bless my reproductive system to be able to do its job, & pray for normal ovulation + fertilization to occur & implantation right after. I pray for the lord to give me the knowledge to know when I ovulate, & to help me conceive fast. Thank you so much!