My dog recently had a tumor removed. Our vet said he doesn’t have the biopsy results yet but he thinks it’s an aggressive cancer. I’m trying to treat her holistically with healthier food and lots of herbs and supplements now but I’m just worried it might be too late. Our children absolutely adore her and we’d be heartbroken to lose her so early in life.

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  • Madison Kackley

    Have you tried raw/ keto diet? I am a ketogenic researcher and we apply the diet to special populations like cancer. I was able to positively my dog’s longevity with the diet even though I caught the cancer EXTREMELY late (last two weeks). Now I feed our current dog Keto/Raw and he is the healthiest pup ever (3 y/o great dane). There is plenty of research on recession of tumor growth and keto diet. Please reach out if you have any questions! Praying for you and your fur baby !

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