My husband and I have been in discussion for several months about trying for a baby. Even before the pandemic was happening we planned on starting to try in June. A decision based on my career as a teacher and wanting to work almost a full school year, go on maternity leave and then have all summer with baby. I know in my heart God has a plan for us, and he doesn’t work on our timelines. With the pandemic happening, my pastor said something that brought me hope. He said, the time is now to “restart during a shutdown.” With those enlightening words my husband and I decided will will continue to try for a baby starting next month. My prayer request is that God will protect us during our process of conceiving, growing and delivering our precious gift from God . And that we will be filled with faith, joy and excitement during a time that that feels like a shutdown but could be the best days of our lives. Amen Thank you PinkStork.