My husband & I have been together for 6yrs but married for 5yrs. We've been trying to have a baby since our 2nd date. Thought it would be easy but it hasn't. Since being married, friends & family have always said Any babies yet? It gets to the point I get embarrassed or frustrated that I get asked the same question. Some people are blessed with having a child straight away & some aren't. I get depressed sometimes because I really want a baby, my husband does so bad & it feels like I can't give him what we both want & it saddens me. I even pushed my husband away so he can find another woman to give him what he wants & he said no, he's okay. If it happens, it happens, if not then let God’s will be done. So I pray day in & day out because to be honest it feels like my family is incomplete without a child of our own. So I am asking please, if you could take a little time in your day to pray for me & my husband. Thank You all so much!