I'm having a hard time being kind to my loving husband and I need strength and patience in a New Marriage to a Marine. My husband recently became a recruiter, and he is having a tough time getting people to enlist during a pandemic. We are in a place we are not happy in a thousand miles from home, New Jersey. I'm from Sunny Side California and my husband is also a Florida Native like this PINK STORK CO were both having a rough time adapting to the area. I'm 9 weeks pregnant and during a pandemic it's been difficult getting appointments for any medical care but even more difficult with the limited choices we get with tricare but am so thankful we have insurance and a home as so many out there are not as fortunate, Being pregnant, with loads of hormonal changes, all alone , makes it's very hard to see that sometimes. I find myself lashing out at my husband and he has enough on his plate. I want a healthy baby and I'm afraid this stress may be negatively affect both the baby and me.