I found out I had PCOS when I was 16 years old. When I made 20 and the partner I had at the time wanted to have a baby is when we found out the true meaning of PCOS and what it has caused to my body from the inside out. We are no longer together but I have yet to get pregnant and still fighting with infertility. I am currently married for almost four years. We have been together eight all together and he has two children from a previous marriage that we have custody of. I love them as if I gave birth to them myself, but it's nothing like having your own. At one point he was ready to leave me because I can not give him more children before he gets 'old'. I have had weight loss surgery, many exams and small procedures within the last five years and it feels like nothing is working. I am holding on to God's faith and his words, to supply all my needs.