My husband and I have been trying to conceive for the last 3 years. We have a set of twin boys. They are 6, but that pregnancy was my third. Prior to the boys I had had two miscarriages. Getting/staying pregnant was never easy for us. This time around has been very difficult as well. My husband's morphology is low, and my body struggles to produce enough progesterone on it's own to even ovulate, let alone produce enough to stay pregnant. We'd never tried IVF before, but decided to do it this past Nov after 2 failed IUIs. The first transfer ended in a very early miscarriage. My second embryo transfer happened in early February of this year. That one was successful, and the embryo split into twins. However, I miscarried that pregnancy about a month ago. I was 8.5 weeks and we'd already heard the heartbeats twice. I hemorrhaged badly with that miscarriage, and had to go in for surgery. Please pray for healing. My prayers go out to all of you women. I know how hard this is. I really do