First off I want to say thank you so very much for this prayer. My husband and I have experienced 3 miscarriages and for some reason we can not get past the 6 week-8 week mark. We have been to fertility doctors and they have run every test they can think of!! My husband and I have done everything at a fertility clinic down to bloodwork, also checking to see if my Uterus is shaped normal, which it is. All the way down to chromosomal testing and every single thing is coming back normal??? We feel so stuck and all we want in this world is to be able to experience is having a baby. Please pray for my husband and I to please get to see a heart beat inside the sack. Sometimes I feel like I am failing my husband and failing as a woman but try to remain positive and hopeful if You could pretty please send us all the best energy our way all the way to Idaho 🥔 We truly would appreciate it more than you will ever know.