I am so thankful to have had a really healthy first pregnancy, not much pain or issues... thankful for a job that keeps me working from home right now (it has really been a blessing through COVID!) and will be able to work from home with my baby for up to six months. Just want to tell God how thankful I am and ask Him to watch over others not so fortunate as myself. Also want to ask for prayers for my husband's family as we deal with the impending loss of his grandfather with a baby due in less than 3 weeks. My husband is strong but I know it hurts to watch his grandfather decline physically and mentally these last few weeks. Finally, I just want to pray for our world and the world my baby will grow up in. I pray my family and I raise our baby boy in an environment full of above all else, Biblical truth. Amen!! :) And thank you for the ladies of Pink Stork making awesome products for Mommas!!