Why is it Important to Treat Morning Sickness?

Why is it Important to Treat Morning Sickness?

Morning sickness and severe morning sickness, also known as hyperemesis gravidarum (HG), is a very dangerous condition that can cause detrimental changes in the pregnant woman and her fetus. Managing the nausea and vomiting as well as their consequences during prenatal care will prevent a number of harmful and undesired outcomes.

A number of troublesome consequences can result from a woman experiencing morning sickness and HG. First, morning sickness is the most common cause of hospitalization in the first half of pregnancy and the second most common cause of hospitalization during pregnancy overall. In 2007, the total cost of hospitalizations for women with morning sickness is estimated at more than 500 million dollars. It is likely that this number will be much greater in 2014.

Outside of morning sickness’ adverse impact on physical health, battling morning sickness takes a toll on a woman’s mental health as well. In a survey conduct of 808 women who suffered from severe morning sickness, 76% reported changes in their plans for future childbearing. 19.4 % developed a fear of pregnancy, and an astonishing 15.2% voluntarily terminated at least one pregnancy because of severe morning sickness. 28.7% of women reported their health-care providers were either uncaring or did not understand how sick they were.

Women post severe morning sickness episodes report a number of dissatisfactory outcomes such as posttraumatic stress syndrome, hypersalivation, poor appetite and aversion to certain foods long after delivery.

Nausea and vomiting from severe morning sickness can be so violent that women have reported detached retinas, blown eardrums, cracked ribs and torn esophagi.

Having a sister or mother who had severe morning sickness increases the risk of HG 17-fold. Further studies have also noted a genetic component to severe morning sickness at work.

It is clear that morning sickness, regardless of severity, can take a serious toll on a pregnant woman and can have terrible consequences for mother and child if not treated properly. Pink Stork products continue to provide a safe and healthy approach to the treatment of this terrible condition.

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