Pink Stork Hero: Meet Jehlisah!

Pink Stork Hero: Meet Jehlisah!

Meet our Pink Stork Mom of the Month!

Jehlisah is a social worker and motherhood blogger and her husband is a business owner and entrepreneur.  They’ve been together for seven years and married for four. They spent time trying to conceive and along the way two miscarriages and periods of infertility. Finally, after trying to have a baby of their own, their daughter was born in April 2017. Elliah is their precious rainbow baby. Currently, Jehlisah and her husband are trying for their second child, that’s how she found Pink Stork. She chose our Fertility Supplements because she was looking to regulate her cycles and make them more predictable.  Going through the process of trying to conceive is stressful enough, adding in irregular cycles and ovulation just complicates things even more.  We’re so glad to know a mom like her and are truly rooting for them as they try for round 2!

“My favorite thing about Pink Stork is the background and the reason that these products were created. I specifically love the fertility supplement. While both my husband and I love the sweets, they seriously taste amazing! I also love that I am able to support a woman-owned business!”

– Jehlisah, Pink Stork Mom

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