New Year, New Baby?

New Year, New Baby?

Our company has grown so much since the beginning of 2018! From relocating to St. Augustine to adding baby # 5 to our family and expanding our product line, things seemed to have flown by. It’s amazing how many blessings we’ve been given over the past year and through Pink Stork, we are able to share some of them with you! I’m so excited to see what the New Year has in store for us and I want to tell the Moms that are searching for a way to get pregnant that we’re here cheering from them.

With Pink Stork, we have had so many customers reaching out and asking, “what can I use to help my fertility?”, and from that, we decided to develop products that would help before pregnancy, not just during. I was testing out a bunch of these products to find the one that would work best, and I wasn’t thinking about my own fertility. Then all of a sudden, I was pregnant with Gloria! So, I know that they worked for me.

I think with technology today a lot of women are able to better plan their pregnancy and have more control of their bodies. I like to think that with knowledge comes power and that is what helps them get pregnant. It’s been amazing to be able to aid in these women’s journeys and help them achieve that goal they’ve been striving towards. We have hundreds of women that are using our products and getting pregnant every day, it’s just a wonderful thing to be able to witness.

With that, I wish you the best with all the new things that 2019 has in store, who knows maybe one of them will be a new edition to your family!

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