Better Body Boost

Better Body Boost

As it gets colder our ability to fight even the common cold decreases. Your immune system weakens and most of the time there isn’t much that we can do. So what are you to do when your pregnant and it’s cold season? Or even when you’re just pregnant and you need to help prevent yourself from getting sick? That’s where our “secret weapon” comes into play, cocolaurin!


Cocolaurin helps support your immune system and healthy bacteria levels.  It’s easy to take and easy to digest, making it a lifesaver if your suffering from morning sickness! So what is cocolaurin? Cocolaurin is monolaurin! I think of monolaurin as super concentrated coconut oil. It’s also found in breast milk, nature’s most amazing immune booster. Monolaurin is used for fighting the common cold and other minor viruses. It’s also found in ice cream and spaghetti, which means you’re even getting a boost in what you eat!


I take Cocolaurin year round, and I personally used it during all my pregnancies. It’s not a pill or capsule, they are a bunch of small pellets with a nice scooper. It’s easy to take and easy to get the kids to take, too! It helps fight off all the icky germs that we encounter during the flu season and even while traveling.


Make our secret weapon yours, eat some more pasta or get two scoops of ice cream! Check out our Pink Stork Cocolaurin and don’t let a case of the sniffles slow you down.


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