Pink Stork Story: Bekkah Jurna

Pink Stork Story: Bekkah Jurna

You know those pregnancy stories that tug at your heart while you reach over for a tissue to dry your eyes? Well, Bekkah Jurna’s story is one of those stories! She has such a beautiful story about her pregnancy journey that we couldn’t NOT share it with you! So sit back, grab your coffee, and enjoy hearing about Bekkah’s pregnancy & Pink Stork journey.

Bekkah Jurna : wife / mama-to-be / overcomer

Bekkah Jurna is from Yuba City, California (itty bitty town North of Sacramento). She just had her little girl, Scarlett Rose, at the beginning of August! She sure is beautiful! Bekkah & her husband considered their little girl a miracle. You see Bekkah was told she wouldn't be able to have children due to a few medical conditions (Bekkah has Crohn's disease & battled liver cancer). But, to their surprise, they found out they were pregnant the SAME DAY they found out her cancer went into remission - WHAT A CELEBRATION!!

How did you discover Pink Stork?

Funny thing, I was "Googling" nausea remedies, because I had been suffering from Hyperemesis Gravidarum (extreme nausea I had my entire pregnancy & was hospitalized for a few times). Well, Pink Stork popped up! So, I clicked on the link and started reading about Amy's pregnancies, essentially motivating her to build this company. I just felt so in tune with her on how she felt that I HAD to try some products, because I was getting desperate for any type of relief.

What was your life like prior to Pink Stork and how has your life changed since using the products?

Before Pink Stork, I was being hospitalized because I couldn’t keep liquids or food down, I was losing instead of gaining weight, and I was just so miserable. I couldn’t believe I was going through all this because this is not how pictured pregnancy! After a few weeks of using Pink Stork products, I had less hospitalizations, I was able to cave into my pregnancy cravings without total regret, and I was finally feeling a little more at ease. I still had my good and bad days, but the good days outnumbered the bad ones thanks to Pink Stork products!

What is your favorite product and why?

I have 2 products I have to mention because they both are my favorite! The Mist and the Bath Flakes! The Mist I kept on hand at all times. When I started to feel like nausea was coming on, I spritzed myself and focused on breathing and relaxing. The Mist helps keep it all manageable!! The Bath Flakes were so great at the end of the day when I was feeling restless and couldn’t get comfortable. I would add some Flakes to the bath tub & soak away my cares! It gave me total relaxation and helped me get settled enough to fall asleep.

In the future, what products would you like to see from Pink Stork?

I'd love to maybe see more aromatherapy jewelry, oils, and different flavored teas! I have the necklace, and it's just so pretty as much as it is useful.

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Bekkah! We are celebrating a healthy mama & baby girl, and hope you are continuing to enjoy those Pink Stork Products.

Have a fantastic week mama’s!


Amy Upchurch

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