Pink Stork is My Breastie

Pink Stork is My Breastie

Pink Stork is my Breastie Contest

You’re a champion for breastfeeding. You know, breastfeeding is immensely beautiful. As a mother, you find yourself on the whims of sleepless nights, struggling to keep up with supply and find safe places to breastfeed in public. If your baby needs to eat while you’re in public, the baby is going to get what it wants. You, mama, deserve to be supported for breastfeeding and committing your body to your little one. 

How to enter:

  1. Follow @pinkstork, @ergobaby, @babyation, and @bebeaulait on your favorite social media platform (Instagram or TikTok).
  2. Snap a photo of you nursing in public or at home. 
  3. Post to your Instagram. Make sure your account is public so we can see your post. 
  4. Use hashtags: #PinkStorkisMyBreastie and #Breastfeeding.
  5. We'll randomly select one winner and DM them on 12.1.22. Good luck!

One winner will get all of the following:

  • @pinkstork lactation/nursing support vitamins & supplements bundle
  • @ergobaby nursing pillow + breastfeeding-friendly baby carrier
  • @babyation $100 gift card to use towards the breast pump + onesie
  • @bebeaulait $100 gift card for nursing covers, milk storage bags, etc.

Sorry, stranger, you’ll have to deal with this breastfeeding mama. 

You deserve to have a beautiful breastfeeding experience filled with support from those around you. Support creates mindfulness, which helps you relax, boost your milk supply, and create a deep connection with your baby and body. 

When your baby was placed in your arms, you felt a powerful wave of emotions run over your body. That deep connection was taken further when you started breastfeeding. It was you and the baby. 

Right away, you may have heard those questions and statements, “How long will you breastfeed for?” “Are you going to supplement?” “You know you can’t do that in public, right?”

Somehow the connection between you and your baby had a stigma. Everyone had an opinion, and everyone seemed to know what was best.  

It’s not right, and it needs to stop. 

You want to be present in your breastfeeding journey. You want to enjoy each second because you know that nursing can end at any time. Every drop of milk your baby gets is the catalyst for its strong immune system. 

Those breastfeeding moments are what matter most. Pushing yourself through the noise of society, the sleepless nights, or the anxiety of keeping up with your supply. 

That’s what Pink Stork is standing behind you. 

Pink Stork is my Breastie. We’re here now and when you need support most. 

We’re creating a community of mothers that are working together to stand up and support each other. Mothers who are not asking for their rights to be respected but demanding that they be respected. Women who choose to pump in their workspace deserve to be given the time and encouragement to keep their nursing journey going. 

One of the biggest reasons women stop breastfeeding (or don’t start) is the lack of support. 

As a community of women, we must let others know they're supported. 

You trust Pink Stork with your breastfeeding journey, and we don’t take that lightly. We actively listen to you, and it’s why customer service isn’t just a chat box. It’s total support, all the time, whenever you need it. 

We don’t just create products on a whim. We make it through deep discussions with our community. Understanding YOUR needs and understanding that YOU need not just a product but the RIGHT product. Not just any ingredients but the RIGHT ingredients. 

Our Pumping Moms Lactation Support came from working moms needing something to give them a boost as they transition from just breastfeeding to pumping. A product that gives extra support to supply gives faster letdown and fills all their baby’s nutritional needs. 

Our Clogged Duct Tea was made to stop engorgement in its tracks. To help moms have improved flow, reduced stickiness of milk, and magnesium to help ease inflammation. 

Our Lactation Drink Mix was made to give a total product that tastes great and helps with breast milk production. We heard you and made sure to aid with colic support for your baby. 

Pink Stork is my Breastie. 

We want to celebrate you. It’s why we created a challenge to encourage women to share their #breastie on social media to normalize breastfeeding in public. We’re also giving away prizes to the many mamas sharing their stories. 

Be your breast version. Let’s celebrate breastfeeding together. 

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