Falling in Love with Loungewear!

Falling in Love with Loungewear!

There is absolutely nothing better than wearing something comfy and cozy and still feeling put together! During a time where so many people are working from home it has become a necessity to have outfits in our wardrobe that prevent us from letting our PJ’s become a permanent part of our daily uniform.

I always feel my best when I’m comfortable in what I am wearing. Pink Stork Apparel by Amy Suzanne was designed with the everyday woman in mind in order to make her feel comfortable and confident no matter what the occasion. We wanted to create a clothing line that focuses on a women’s ENTIRE body, which includes her spiritual, mental, and physical wellness.

Whether I’m going out to run errands, grabbing lunch, or hanging out in the house, this outfit fits every occasion making it the perfect line for a woman on the go.

Our office employees are ready to swap out their business attire and try out our new sets. How would you style a loungewear set?



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