PS Insider of the Month: Laquanna Beckles

PS Insider of the Month: Laquanna Beckles

Pink Stork's Brand Ambassador program was started to create a community of women that will inspire hope and positively impact women everywhere. Take a look at one of our Brand Ambassadors that went above and beyond this month!

Where are you from?

 I am from the island of Trinidad and Tobago.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I really love cooking and makeup applications. I strive  to be the best at every I do so I use all opportunity to better my skills and learn new things. 

Why did you become a Pink Stork brand ambassador?

I love so much what the company stands for . I am excited to be apart of a community such as this that you can share your experiences and learn from other experiences. To be apart of  a family of women who shares the same goals and values. It's very amazing. I would like to learn so much more about the brand / the products/ the challenges I may encounter as a young adult and use all the experiences and knowledge to impact my community, my friends,  and even my kids in the future to come. 

What can other women in Faithfully Female connect with you about?

I believe my experiences and challenges that I faced health wise may help someone. From a young age, I had alot of allergies, any and everything gave me a reaction. The common ingredients in most medicines I am allergic. So I was forced  to study and research ingredients and medical names on everything. The plus side is the knowledge I have acquired. I was able to find more natural alternatives, some great tips, and a lot of DYI you can use in almost all aspects of every day life. 

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