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Amy’s #BumpUpdate (4.5 Months Pregnant!)

Amy is officially 4.5 months pregnant! And as you will read below, she is loving this pregnancy!

Did you know that Amy gives behind the scenes exclusives to her life as a wife, mom & business woman? Check out Pink Stork’s Instagram - she posts daily on our insta-story!

What has been the best part of this month?

I love watching my belly grow! I know it sounds cliche, but with my previous pregnancies I was too sick to appreciate my growing bump. So this time around, I am loving it! Although, finding clothes is quite the challenge! (Why did I give away my maternity clothes again??)

What has been the most challenging part of this month?

Besides finding clothes that fit me, sleep has been tough. I require more sleep than the average person the combination of being pregnant, chasing 4 others kids & running Pink Stork .... I am exhausted! Oh and pregnancy brain ... it has kicked in full gear! Let me be honest with you - the other day I went to the store with my slippers on! #PregnancyBrain

What have you been craving?

Ice! All day, everyday. I literally walk around the house with a cup of ice all day!  

Do you have any go-to products?

Every night I wind down with a cup of Labor Prep Tea. It's so good & I know it's preparing my body for labor. Another product I make sure to take every day is Cocolaurin - it is so good for your body, helps kill off bad bacteria & fights sickness. 

Amy is on the hunt for the best natural/organic lotion. Do you have any suggestions? Comment below!

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Amy UpChurch & The Pink Stork Team

Special Halloween Treat!

Happy Halloween!

Our kids love Halloween - they love carving pumpkins, going to fall festivals, and trick or treating, of course!

How do you celebrate Halloween? Do you have any fun traditions you do as a family? We want to hear them! Comment below & share your Halloween fun with us!

And because it is Halloween, want to give you a little treat - use the code BOO30 for 30% of any product at Pinkstork.com (code is limited to 1 product).

Lastly, we are running a Halloween contest on our Facebook page for our mamas! friends It will start on Monday, so make sure you like our Facebook page to see the details for the contest! You won’t want to miss it!

Have a great Halloween & enjoy some of your kids candy - you deserve it!

XOXO! Amy Upchurch

SURPRISE … Amy is Pregnant!

Oh yes she is! Amy is pregnant with baby #5! And we’ve got the scoop on how her pregnancy has been going so far.

How did you find out you were pregnant? Well it all started this summer … I was testing out flavors for the our new product - Fertility Tea. After passing out from exhaustion a few nights in a row (way wayyy wayyyyy) before my normal bedtime and having that metal taste in my mouth I kinda just knew, you know? The next day while shopping at Target, I grabbed a pregnancy test to confirm what I already thought! YUP, I’M PREGNANT! Safe to say, our fertility tea worked for me!

How did you tell Thomas? I thought really hard about a cute way to tell Thomas, but when I called him at work, he said I was acting really weird. So, he came home early! I ended up showing him the positive pregnancy test right when he walked in the door! I cannot hide anything from him! He knows me so well. Haha!

How did you tell the kids? Once Thomas knew, we decided to tell the kids. We went in the living room & sat them on the couch. We told them I was pregnant & we were going to add another brother or sister to the family. Of course, America & Victoria want a little sister and John Hamilton & Christian want a little brother! We will see - tiebreaker!

How did everyone react? Beyond excited and very surprised!

What is your due date? Late March, early April... Spring baby!

How far along are you? At the start of my second trimester! Whew!

What products have you been loving? I have been loving the Magnesium Mist, Morning Sickness Tea, Cocolaurin, and PRO for daily use! They’ve really helped with my morning sickness. Oh, the Away Bars too! Those are yummy! I have also been enjoying baths using our flakes - so relaxing & really helps me to unwind at the end of the day.

Any cravings? I have been craving milk … and I don’t normally like milk!

Stay tuned for monthly #bumpdates from Amy on her pregnancy. We will chat about the things she is craving, what products she is loving, and more!


Amy & the Pink Stork Team

Pink Stork Story: Bekkah Jurna

You know those pregnancy stories that tug at your heart while you reach over for a tissue to dry your eyes? Well, Bekkah Jurna’s story is one of those stories! She has such a beautiful story about her pregnancy journey that we couldn’t NOT share it with you! So sit back, grab your coffee, and enjoy hearing about Bekkah’s pregnancy & Pink Stork journey.

Bekkah Jurna : wife / mama-to-be / overcomer

Bekkah Jurna is from Yuba City, California (itty bitty town North of Sacramento). She just had her little girl, Scarlett Rose, at the beginning of August! She sure is beautiful! Bekkah & her husband considered their little girl a miracle. You see Bekkah was told she wouldn't be able to have children due to a few medical conditions (Bekkah has Crohn's disease & battled liver cancer). But, to their surprise, they found out they were pregnant the SAME DAY they found out her cancer went into remission - WHAT A CELEBRATION!!

How did you discover Pink Stork?

Funny thing, I was "Googling" nausea remedies, because I had been suffering from Hyperemesis Gravidarum (extreme nausea I had my entire pregnancy & was hospitalized for a few times). Well, Pink Stork popped up! So, I clicked on the link and started reading about Amy's pregnancies, essentially motivating her to build this company. I just felt so in tune with her on how she felt that I HAD to try some products, because I was getting desperate for any type of relief.

What was your life like prior to Pink Stork and how has your life changed since using the products?

Before Pink Stork, I was being hospitalized because I couldn’t keep liquids or food down, I was losing instead of gaining weight, and I was just so miserable. I couldn’t believe I was going through all this because this is not how pictured pregnancy! After a few weeks of using Pink Stork products, I had less hospitalizations, I was able to cave into my pregnancy cravings without total regret, and I was finally feeling a little more at ease. I still had my good and bad days, but the good days outnumbered the bad ones thanks to Pink Stork products!

What is your favorite product and why?

I have 2 products I have to mention because they both are my favorite! The Mist and the Bath Flakes! The Mist I kept on hand at all times. When I started to feel like nausea was coming on, I spritzed myself and focused on breathing and relaxing. The Mist helps keep it all manageable!! The Bath Flakes were so great at the end of the day when I was feeling restless and couldn’t get comfortable. I would add some Flakes to the bath tub & soak away my cares! It gave me total relaxation and helped me get settled enough to fall asleep.

In the future, what products would you like to see from Pink Stork?

I'd love to maybe see more aromatherapy jewelry and different flavored teas! I have the necklace, and it's just so pretty as much as it is useful.

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Bekkah! We are celebrating a healthy mama & baby girl, and hope you are continuing to enjoy those Pink Stork Products.

Have a fantastic week mama’s!


The Pink Stork Team

You survived Summer … now relax!

Hey there Mama’s!

You made it … summer has ended! Your kids have most likely headed back to school, which means your sanity level is coming back to normal. Or is it? Maybe you are still trying to wind down & balance back out. If so, then this blog is for you! (Even if you don’t have little ones heading back to school, we hope this blog helps you take some mama-time to reset after the summer heat!)

Mama’s you did it … you survived summer break! You survived the heat, the late nights filled with family, friends, cookouts, and bonfires … but most importantly, you survived your kids being home all day & their increase in energy levels. Whether you have kids that are still young & at home all year around or you have kids that are on summer break from school, those levels seem to spike through the roof during the summer months!

With the end of a season, it is always refreshing to take time to reflect, relax, and breathe. There are so many ways you can take time to do this. You can go for a walk, read a book, journal about the parts of summer you never want to forget, pamper yourself with a spa day, go out to coffee with a friend … the list is endless! We all unwind in different ways. And what that way is for you, do it! Take time for you - sit back, reflect, relax, and breathe.

Here are some ways that I like to unwind:

Go for a walk & reflect - getting outdoors to enjoy the last few moments of summer is the perfect way to unwind & reflect on the summer moments you shared with family & friends.

Take a bath - nothing beats filling up the bath tub with bubbles & flakes. I love using our bath flakes, which aren’t just relaxing, but are beneficial for your body. They help with aches, pains, cramps, skin conditions, pregnancy, and more! Give them a try!

Do yoga - just saying the word yoga is relaxing! It brings peace & stillness to your entire being; body, mind, and soul. Go to yoga with some friends or do yoga by yourself in the park; either way you’re taking care of your body & relaxing!


We hope that you take a moment this week to unwind, breathe, be still, and relax. Have an amazing week, mama’s!

Amy Upchurch

Pink Stork Stork: Brittney Roberts

Happy Monday mama’s!

Today we have a special guest on the blog, Brittney Roberts. We asked her to share her journey to discovering Pink Stork & talk about how her life has changed since using the products.

Brittney Roberts : wife / mama / expecting baby #2

Brittney Roberts was born & raised in Shreveport, Louisiana where she has now established her family. Brittney & her husband have a 5 year old son & just gave birth to their little girl in July! She has been blessed with the opportunity to spend more time with her children as she works from home with her husband operating a photography business!


How did you discover Pink Stork?

I randomly discovered Pink Stork on Instagram. I was scrolling through the popular page and noticed the adorable packaging, which totally caught my eye!

What was your life like prior to Pink Stork and how has your life changed since using the products?

This is my second pregnancy, but it has also been 5 years since I was last pregnant. I was searching for products geared toward pregnant moms. It seems when you’re pregnant, there are so many things you shouldn't eat or consume so finding Pink Stork, has supplements and teas specifically geared to pregnancy was awesome.


What is your favorite product and why?

My favorite product is the Bath Flakes because my favorite part of the day is my bath at night. Pregnant or not, I tend to have sore muscles. The Bath Flakes are full of magnesium, which has tremendously helped my achy pregnant body. I use the mess out of these and should probably start ordering like 5 bags at a time - haha!

In the future, what products would you like to see from Pink Stork?

Adding products to the postnatal category, I think lactation granola bars, nursing tanks/bras would be a really cool addition to Pink Stork!


Brittney congratulations on the newest addition to your family & thank you for allowing us the opportunity to share your story with other women & mamas!

Have a great week everyone! 


Brittney’s photography website & Instagram page: Brittneyleeroberts.com & @brittneyleeroberts

Mama’s, let’s go to the park!

The military has afforded our family the chance to live in a ton of different cities – which means we’ve had the chance to explore a lot of different areas. And for our kids, that means a lot of different PARKS! So, of course they’re big fans of that!

One of the things that I’ve always prioritized is taking my kids to the park. Of course, it’s a chance for them to play and get some energy out, but to me, it’s so much more than that. It’s a simple activity, it’s FREE, it doesn’t take much planning… and it gets you out of the house on the days you feel like you just might lose your mind!  No matter where you go – the kids will have fun: the slides, the swings, the tunnels, the sand pit, the monkey bars – even playing in mulch and dirt (every toddler’s favorite activity, right?).

But for moms – the park can be our oasis, too. The park can be our place to let loose with the kids – race them to the swing set, go down the slides with them, build sand castles, and show them that mom can still hang on the monkey bars, too! It can also be a place to simply wind down – let the kids run around and run their energy out, while you sit back and watch; let them be kids, and be free without worrying about them tearing up the house.

If you take the time to sit back and watch – you’ll see all the different types of parents and caregivers at the park, too – the moms who let their kids run wild, the moms who watch over their kids’ every move, and the moms who are somewhere in between.  You’ll see the moms who direct their kids to certain areas, and the ones who let their kids choose where to go. You’ll see the moms who have never-ending energy, and the ones who clearly deserve a break. You’ll see it all!

As moms, we all have our reasons for parenting the way that we do, and we’re all learning to be the parents that our kids need – so that’s something I really want to encourage all of you to explore. We’re all moms – we’re all in this together, no matter how we parent our babies – and we all have something to learn from our kids, and from one another! And the park is a great place to do that. So, next time you take your kids to the park, look around – no matter what reason you’re there, no matter what reason the other moms are there, we’re there for our kids to build memories – and that’s what it’s all about!

Have a great week mama’s! I hope you take some time and go to the park with your kids!


Amy Upchurch, Founder & CEO


Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Happy Monday Mama’s!

At Pink Stork, we truly believe in the incredible impact that Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) can have during pregnancy; which is why Vinegar is a MUST in our product line-up.

We can say with certainty that adding ACV to your daily intake not only benefits your pregnancy, but will allow you to enjoy the entire journey with a bit more ease.

The Benefits of ACV

Let’s face it … morning sickness is a real thing in pregnancy! And for some, morning sickness can last all day. When you are nauseas & cannot keep anything down, it is miserable! We sympathize with you, mama’s! One of the biggest benefits of using ACV during pregnancy is that it helps to relieve morning sickness. The acidic nature of ACV is soothing to your stomach & helps calm your nausea. Oh, and did we mention that it also works to keep you hydrated when you can’t stomach water? Bonus!

Another pestering part of pregnancy is heartburn. That burning sensation is no joke & can add to the misery of nausea. ACV works the same way for heartburn as it does for morning sickness because it helps comfort your stomach. Just add a tablespoon or two to a glass of water, and you will experience instant relief.  

Did you know that ACV is great for your skin? All you have to do is pour a small amount on a washcloth & ACV will begin to work its magic on your skin. Bye-bye pregnancy acne!

When you are carrying a child, your bladder & digestive system take a serious hit. ACV contains enzymes & minerals that help fight against UTI’s & increase your digestive system functionality during pregnancy.

ACV is also designed to help increase blood flow and decrease swelling. These symptoms are especially problematic towards the end of pregnancy, as your ability & energy to move around gets harder, and your body begins to swell as the baby runs out of room.

How to take ACV

A small amount of Apple Cider Vinegar can be added to a glass of water or to your next bath for a refreshing detox!

Check out our Facebook Live video on the Pink Stork Facebook Page for more information on our ACV. 

There are so many other benefits to ACV that we simply cannot fit them all in one post! But, 9+ months is a long time to experience these symptoms and we would love to help you find relief! You can try our Apple Cider Vinegar for 20% off using the code VINEGAR! But this discount isn't just for the ACV, it is 20% off the ENTIRE CART. The code is valid until Monday July 24, 2017. 

Have a great week!


Amy Upchurch & The Pink Stork Team

Pink Stork Story: Samantha Lanier

At Pink Stork, we love our customers! And we love hearing about their personal experience with Pink Stork. I am excited to share Samantha Lanier's story with you. I hope you enjoy!

Samantha Lanier : wife / mama / blogger

Sam is a new-mama from the West Coast of Florida, where she was born and raised. In 2015, Sam married her middle-school sweetheart after 6 years of embracing a long distance relationship during college. They returned to the West Coast of Florida where they welcomed their first daughter, Callie Mae, into the world in April of this year. Besides being a wife & a mama, Sam manages blog where she shares the details of her life; life as a woman, a wife, and a mama. 

How did you discover Pink Stork? 
I was searching Instagram for ‘lactation products’ because my milk supply had decreased due to various situations. I came across Pink Stork and honestly the cute packaging caught my eye. As I continued to research the brand, I discovered great products I wished I had known about while I was pregnant, and other products I was interested in trying as a postpartum mommy.
What was your life like prior to Pink Stork and how has your life changed since using the products? 
Callie was born jaundice and required formula supplementation in the hospital. Then, when she was 2 weeks old, I was placed on a medication that was not safe to breastfeed on, and had to formula-feed her for 48 hours.  Between both situations, my milk supply was really thrown off and the decrease in production was stressing me out.  I began using Pink Stork’s Liquid Gold Tea and I became hooked! I steep a nice cup  of tea whenever I notice a decrease in my milk supply, on nights where I know I should have drank more water that day, or sometimes just to relax during my few minutes of "me time.”
What is your favorite product and why? 
Other than the Liquid Gold Tea, I’ve enjoyed using the Aromatherapy Necklace and the Bath Flakes to help de-stress whenever motherhood gets a bit too daunting.
In the future, what products would you like to see from Pink Stork? 
Products I would like to see and would love to promote are a “Mommy Time” Relaxation Line (for example: teas, lotions, pillow spray) or things for moms like energy bars, protein powders & shakes, etc.
We want to thank Samantha for sharing her story with Pink Stork and for her honest review of the products. Again, you can connect with Sam on her blog livelaughlanier
Talk to you ladies soon!
XOXO, Amy 

What to Wear: 4th Of July

The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays and no matter where I go during the weekend I love to put a twist on traditional 4th  of July fashion. And while you may not have these exact pieces in your closet, I hope that these outfit ideas spark some creativity with your wardrobe as you prepare to watch fireworks light up the sky tomorrow.

(Please see the Pink Stork Facebook Page for our LIVE video to see all the pieces!) 

This first top is classy & stylish, but most importantly it is functional for nursing moms. It wraps around your waist, which makes it easy when you need to nurse your little one. Pair this red top with leopard pants or blue shorts. Don’t feel like every piece needs to have red, white, or blue!

What I love about these scarves is that you can use them as an accessory piece to add some flair to your outfit in a non-traditional way, like a necklace, a belt, and hey, they can even double as a nursing cover!

What I look for in a white dress is something with a bit of edginess like feathers, sparkles, lace, asymmetrical cuts. At the same time it should be comfortable for those of us pregnant, nursing, or chasing toddlers. Something to dress up or dress down! This BCBG White Fringe Dress is a perfect example of what I’m talking about!

Red shoes are a go-to pair in my closet. They are bold, classic, and go with a variety of outfits! And the fact that they are slip on are great for those of us who can’t see past our bellies anymore!

I feel like the 4th of July is famous for the summer sun that is blazing down on us all day while we wait in anticipation for the fireworks to begin at night! Which is why my 4th of July outfit always includes sunglasses. These red sunglasses are perfect .... plus they come in red, white, and blue - you choose!

Saving my personal favorite for last, this yellow dress may not be apart of the typical 4th of July color scheme, but it is super chic & just adorable! It is perfect for every woman, pregnant or not. But if you are pregnant, your bump will be glowing in this color. It's a win-win!

I hope that you ladies find yourselves inspired and are ready to sparkle tomorrow!

Happy 4th of July!